Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh yes...I have a blog!

I think the last time I blogged was nearly 2 months ago! Not very bloggy am I? Oh well.
I haven't yet turned my house into a bakery (which is probably a blessing), however I have been making cakes here n there. Here is an update:

This I made as a personal cake for someone who had passed some exams. Three layers of chocolate cake, filled with ganache, covered with chocolate fingers and fresh strawberries!

Then there was this funky thing for a colleague who was into hip hop, heading off to India on a new contract and has a rather trendy shoe collection!

And more recently I made a pony themed cake for some children. I googled this idea and although I don't think the ponies are overly pony like - they are still cute!

I leave with a promise to blog within the next 2 weeks - rather than 2 months!


  1. What a pleasure to see you back again! I am totally in love with this blog.